weine nicht
Was ich mache, wenn mir langweilig ist...


Was fuer Traeume hast du?

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Your final words will be, just that, peace. This is
all you've longed for for years. Possibly you
have had a troubled life, or maybe you were
insane, whatever it is, death is possibly the
best thing to have happend to you.

What will your final words be?
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Whoa, your a freak!! Thats okay. I still love you.
As far as killing yourself goes, i think you
would definitely eat yourself. Just make sure
your not allergic.

what is your ideal suicide?
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Bist du ein Luegner?

You are the second deadly sin: Greed. Greed is a worldly sin that creates misers, thieves and murderers. Like the "hungry ghosts" of the Buddhist hell, the greedy always crave more no matter how much they have. Wretched and envious, greed escalates to a state of infinite dissatisfaction and the sin's obsession with material wealth and "things" leads to neglect of spiritual wealth.
Your Devil: Mammon
Your Animal: The Wolf.
Your opposite: Sufficiency.
Your element: Water.


What (un) holy creature are you?

humanInside you're weak and crumbling. YOU NEED FRIENDS YOU DUMBASS FREAK!!!
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Your Ideal BoyfriendHusband Out of These 6 Celebs is...

John Mayer-Adorably cute, the youngest guy on the list. His guitar playing is some of the best, and his softtender lyrics sure know how to get to a girl.
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